About us
    SC SPIACT CRAIOVA SA is a company operating in the field of railway industrial production, equipment, centralization and remote control, whose products, services and works are designed mainly for the railway infrastructure.

 Short history:

    Along with the expansion of the railway network in Romania, workshops were created in various cities around the country taking care of the repair and maintenance of the installations that concurred to a railway traffic in good conditions.

    Thus, a workshop is established in
Craiova within the Railway Company Branch, in 1923, which repaired distance signals, manipulators, station automatic machines and other railway equipment. This shop had then 16 workers and would be the nucleus of the future Industrial Production Division. In 1970, the former repair shop becomes a independent division, and by acquiring new equipment and machinery, it provides the conditions for an activity able to meet the requirements imposed by a modern railway traffic. In cooperation with the Transportation Research and Design Institute of Bucharest, very important products were assimilated: track inductors, electrical point machines, etc.

2002 - 2004 SPIACT Craiova was a subsidiary of the National Railway Company.

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